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The Power of the Written Word

writtenwordMuch of a business analyst’s job revolves around effective communication. As with all other tasks involved with your job, clarity and attention to detail are the key components to your team project’s success.

As the liaison between SMEs and the technical team, it is the responsibility of the business analyst to keep these groups up-to-date on the project with meeting minutes, emails, memos, and status reports.

Before you write anything that will be shared with an audience, remember to select words that your readers will readily understand. Be aware of words that have multiple meanings, can be misconstrued, or send up red flags that will bar your reader from accepting the message.

And always remember the receiver determines the meaning of any message. It is not the actual content of the message that matters; it is what the listener thinks you said.

Let’s take a deeper look at the expectations for your written communication skills:

Excellent Grammar

  • If you struggle in this area, be sure to use the tools available to you, such as spellcheck, a dictionary, or Purdue OWL grammar guides.
  • You may consider having someone review your communications prior to sending them out until your skills are sufficient in this area.

Meeting Minutes

When taking meeting minutes there are two things you should remember to always document:

  • Capture action items/follow up items.
  • Capture the name of the person speaking (you’ll be able to go back to them to get more info if needed).

Clear and Concise Emails, Memos, and Status Reports

  • Once you write the documentation, review it and take out any unnecessary information.
  • Use bullet points when possible.
  • Avoid long paragraphs—people tend not to read everything when it’s in that format.
  • Stick to the facts; do not inject opinion unless it’s called for in the document.

Brush up on your written communication skills

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