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The Keys to Project Success

keysAs Business Analysts, you will not maintain theproject plan for the projects you are on, but you should give input on tasks you need to do and the duration for those tasks.

Even though you are not the project manager, it is helpful for all team members to have an understanding of what factors can increase the likelihood of project success.

Here are a few of the key components of a successful project:

  • Active Involvement by Project Stakeholders. The project sponsor and customer are clearly identified and engaged throughout the project.
  • Capable Project Team. The project manager and team members are formally designated and possess required competencies.
  • Cross-Functional Involvement. All functional groups involved in the project are actively represented on the team and have a stake in success.
  • Team-Based Approach. The whole team is involved in project planning and control. Everyone understands how their work integrates with others’ and that they must work as a team to be successful.
  • Clear Requirements / Expectations. Project stakeholders agree on the explicit project scope definition, objectives, and constraints.
  • Ownership & Commitment. Each team member “owns” the project requirements and is committed to completing their work according to plan.
  • Early Planning. Planning begins as early as possible to identify unknowns and increase time for execution.
  • Network-Based Schedule. The schedule is based on a logical model of the project that explicitly captures sequencing requirements among the activities and that can be used to analyze the impact of changes.
  • Forward Scheduling. An initial project schedule is developed using easily achievable activity duration estimates. Then the schedule is strategically compressed to meet the deadline for completion.
  • Disciplined Control Process. The project is regularly monitored for deviations from plan, timely corrective actions are taken, and the plan is updated as required.

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