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Business Rules Terms Glossary

As a Business Analyst, you will likely need to analyze business rules. That’s because business rules are a formal expression of business knowledge, and they also guide businesses to operate in a specific, predefined way. Often, these rules set a company apart from its competitors.

Additionally, identifying, clarifying, and capturing business rules will help prevent ad hoc rules, hidden rules, miscommunication of rules, and keep knowledge from “walking out of the door.”

Though there are many types of business rules, we’ll be looking at business rules terms in particular.

In short, a term is a noun or noun phrase that is important to the business. Defining and using terms correctly and consistently is critical for accurate requirements.

Take a look at the sample glossary below to get an idea about how terms are defined in the requirements glossary:


Class session: This is a scheduled training session that will cover a particular COURSE topic.

Classroom: This is a room that is reserved for training sessions.

Course: This is a program of study that includes course materials, learning objectives, student exercises, and instructor evaluations.

Corporate Meeting Room System: This is an MS Access database with forms to reserve conference rooms.

Human Resources Department: HA assigns and maintains employee numbers that are used as student numbers. They also maintain the information about who each employee reports to. Approved acronym is HR.

Instructor: An instructor is a person who teaches a class. Each instructor must be certified to teach a particular topic before he or she can be assigned to a class.

Instructor Qualification: An instructor qualification instance exists for each combination of an instructor and a course that he or she is qualified to teach.

Location: A location is an office building used by our organization for teaching classes.

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