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I purchased this training as soon as I heard it was available - this is exactly what I needed! Thank you for putting this together for us. Even though I have a job as a BA, there are a lot of things I know I could be better at and even though I just started, this course is already helping me.

Mark H.

I was getting interviews, but I wasn't getting offers. After speaking with Teresa I realized I wasn't confident about BA tasks as I should have been and that was coming across in the interviews. I took the Master Business Analysis with Waterfall and Agile Methods training and got a BA position shortly after completing the training - thank you Teresa for helping me!

Lisa J.

“The knowledge I gained in your class has been invaluable, both in content and in validation that I do know how to do my job. I don’t think I would be as successful today without having taken your class.”

– Miriam M.

“The class was great.  I am recommending it to my colleagues who are also looking for training options.”

– Tiauna R.

“I’m so glad I decided to take this class. My schedule dictated the need for an online class and this has been perfect. Breaking it down to weekly topics and homework gives me time to let the material sink in before moving on to the next topic. I highly recommend this class to aspiring BAs or BAs looking to improve their skills!”

– Casey P.

“Very informative and good environment for learning. Would absolutely recommend this course to my colleagues.”

– Weston J., Business Analyst

“Teresa my manager said that my skills were not up to par when compared to my resume and my interview. I interview well and I don’t have a problem getting jobs, but then I end up having issues understanding how to complete the tasks and my co-workers get frustrated with me for asking so many questions. I lost my previous job for this reason and was so scared it would happen again. Your training course was worth every penny – I truly believe that you saved my job – thank you!!!”

– Pat N., Business Analyst

“Teresa I’m already feeling different about my job. I’m using the techniques you teach in the course and I can see an improvement in my skills and I’m doing a much better job of gathering requirements now. Thank you for doing this training!”

– Richelle D., Business Analyst

“I had a completely different idea of how agile worked until I took this course – now I’ll be able to explain the value that a business analyst brings to agile projects and then show the proof of that in my work!”

– Paul G.

“I would say The Analyst Coach team is “BEYOND ASTONISHING” at their work. If you have a problem at your work in regards to the BA job, they will get you the solution right away. Its the best investment one can make in their BA/PM career.”

– Raul V.

“Thanks to The Analyst Coach team I got the job! The interview prep was invaluable in helping me to be ready for both the phone interview and the in-person interview. I just signed up for 7 mentoring sessions because I want to make sure I make the best possible impression in the new job. I’m excited to continue working with this team of experts!”

– Susan G.

“As an experienced BA, I have attended Teresa’s coaching sessions, success club, and read her books. Moreover, I have recommended my colleagues to attend Teresa’s coaching sessions. Based on mine and my colleague’s experience with Teresa’s sessions, I would highly recommend her as a BA coach/mentor! She is very knowledgable, kind, proactive, helpful, and can help/guide you in any business analysis scenario. She is the best at what she does! The best BA I have ever seen in my career!”

– Bobby R.

I have an MBA and yet I still was not able to get a position as a business analyst. Teresa coached me on how to respond to questions in interviews and showed me how to explain to potential employers that even though I didn't have the experience, I had the knowledge I needed to hit the ground running and be an immediate asset to the company. I am now employed as a Business Analyst and I love my job!

– Suzanne S.

“One of the aspects I like about Teresa’s classes and teaching is the practicality of her examples and exercises. Because of the depth of her knowledge and experience, she is able to articulate some of the more difficult concepts. Teresa makes it look easy to be a BA and elicit requirements!”

– Jeff K.

“I passed my exam.  It was a pleasure being in your class. I learned so much and I’m now more confident in my role as a junior business analyst.”

– Candy A.

“The topics taught in the class and the homework assignments helped me build confidence as a business analyst. The Q&A calls are fun and offered opportunities to ask questions around a variety of business analyst topics. This was just the type of class I was looking for.  Teresa is engaging and homework assignments helped to solidify the topics discussed.” 

– Dianna L.

“I have been offered a Senior Business Analyst job.  I am very excited.  I will start August 17.  I didn’t know if you were going to keep track of the students you have and their jobs after taking your class.  Your class certainly gave me more confidence”.  

– Dianna L.

“I was delighted we covered specifics such as requirements questions. The exercises were excellent.”

– Jeff K., Maintenance Analyst

“I was only able to attend a couple of the webinars when they were scheduled, so the recordings were invaluable. I really like that your class offered the live Q&A calls also. I haven’t found another on-line course that gives you weekly calls plus the training. Thank you Teresa for recognizing what busy professionals need!”

– Jaime M.

“Thank you so much for doing this agile training! I had very little knowledge of agile, just enough to be dangerous, before I took your course. After the course I was able to secure a job working in an agile environment. Even though I didn’t have any agile experience, I was able to speak confidently about it in my interview and the hiring manager felt I would be a good fit because they wouldn’t have to train me on agile like so may of the other applicants they had. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Stephanie F.

“With so many companies starting to do agile, I knew it was important to my career to be able to work on both waterfall and agile projects. I have tons of waterfall experience, but no agile experience. Thank you for doing this course!”

– Ruelle C.

“ I just wanted to update you that I got the job! Thanks so much for your input.”

– Femy A., Business Analyst

“At Integritas Solutions, it’s very important that our professionals have the skills necessary for problem solving, effective communication and analytical thinking. The business analyst training offered by The Analyst Coach has provided our professionals with the knowledge necessary to successfully gather requirements using various elicitation techniques.  Our team also learned how to effectively validate requirements using best practice test planning and test execution methods which strengthens the depth of our talent pool.  I would highly recommend the business analysis training offered by The Analyst Coach for companies looking to define and strengthen analysis skills for the working professional.”

–  Denise Oliver, Business Manager-Integritas Solutions.


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