Posted by tac_admin, June 8, 2012

Searching, Searching, Searching…

I have found that despite advances in search engine technology, when I’m researching a subject or looking for a particular document, I usually end up scrolling through many screens of results looking for what I want. 

Here’s a quick trick you can use to save time sorting through non-relevant search engine results. Just have the search engine of your choice (this should work on all the major search engines) only return results for the type of file you want.

As an example, when looking for product manuals of any type, search for only PDFs since most are produced in that format. Just end the search string with filetype:PDF and only PDF files will come up in the results.

Using the above example, I did a Google search for “gateway computer filetype:PDF”. The search results only showed me PDF documents related to my search.

This will work for any type of file.

If you want to search for relevant blogs, you can use the search term plus blog. Example: enter the following into the search engine: “puppy training” + blog. The same will work for forums and magazines, just change the word blog to forum or magazine.

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