Posted by tac_admin, January 23, 2012

Why Test Software and What's the Objective of Testing?

What is Software Testing?

Observing the execution of a software system to validate whether it behaves as intended and identify potential malfunctions.

Why do we test?

To help identify the correctness, completeness, security, and quality of computer software.

Testing Objectives

  • Exposing deviations from user requirements
  • Assessing the conformance to a standard specification
  • Evaluating robustness to stressful load conditions or to malicious inputs
  • Measuring given attributes, such as performance or usability
  • Estimating the operational reliability

One response to “Why Test Software and What's the Objective of Testing?”

  1. !SumerTeam1 says:

    […] documentation and do the testing, or a test coordinator may create the documents, and then you, the software tester, would do the actual testing. If you are in a business analyst role, your organization may also […]

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