Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your clients in their IT careers?

Some of our clients are Business Analysts who want to expand their capabilities or move to a senior level, while others are not currently in the field, but have a desire to move into a Business Analyst role

Do you offer live corporate coaching?

Yes. Corporate coaching clients can choose between four days of live instruction or a hybrid live-online training experience. Both options include direct coaching from us.

Some IIBA certification programs require a certain amount of baseline experience in Business Analysis. Does your program have any such requirements?

No. We want to help people who are already in Business Analyst positions as well as people who want to break into that field but lack experience. Our training and coaching offer basic skills and more advanced techniques for people at all phases of Business Analyst careers. We also offer career coaching for Business Analysts who want to propel themselves beyond their current professional boundaries.

What sets your coaching services apart from other training programs?

We offer live coaching via telephone and webinar, with screen sharing when appropriate to show you how to do specific tasks. Rather than pitching a generic training program to a general audience, we tailor our Business Analyst coaching to your needs. We focus on the specific tasks and skills you need to land the job you want—and keep it.

What topics do your downloadable eBooks cover?

We offer eBooks on a variety of topics geared toward Business Analyst responsibilities. We also offer eBooks that address general topics for anyone in an IT analyst role. We sell short manuals that cover specific topics. That means you can pay for exactly what you want, rather than buying a pricey book you’ll only read two chapters of!

See titles currently available, or email us to suggest subjects you’d like to see added. We add new eBooks often, so be sure to check back regularly!

Most Business Analyst / Software Testing certification programs charge thousands of dollars for the courses and the test. Why is your program less expensive?

We make our services affordable and accessible by offering online training courses. Online access keeps our overhead costs down and lets us reach people at all stages of their IT careers. It also gives access to these career-enhancing tools to people who have to pay out of pocket. Larger corporations that offer training similar to ours often travel to teach and rent space to offer their lessons. That alone exponentially increases the cost of administering such training.

Which types of Business Analyst coaching services do you offer?

I offer three different types of coaching. Business Analyst Job Coaching gives you the skills you need to land that perfect job with the right salary, including resume and interview assistance. Business Analyst Skills Coaching enhances your communication, elicitation, documentation, and validation skills to improve your Business Analysis results. Laser Coaching focuses on resolving a specific issue or strengthening one particular skill.

Why do you offer online workshops?

I hear from Business Analysts who need help with specific aspects of their jobs, so I designed online workshops to offer intensive instruction and provide IIBA-certified Continuing Development Units (CDUs). Online workshops are recorded and are typically two or three hours long to focus on one particular topic in depth.

Are your courses recognized by any organizations?

Yes! The International Institute of Business Analysis has endorsed all of my online courses. Along with the endorsement come PD / CDU credits towards IIBA certification.

Why should I care about IIBA certification?

IIBA certification is voluntary, and when you have achieved it, you prove you have top-level Business Analyst expertise, which translates to choice in assignments, a much higher salary, and job security.

Are your books and coaching services intended for people new to the Business Analyst career?

My products and services help Business Analysts at all levels. Some of my clients enter a Business Analyst role right out of college and have a degree in an IT field or business management but no experience in Business Analysis.

Others are subject matter experts with no Analyst experience who move to IT roles to support the development of a specific application. They need training to master the skills specific to an Analyst’s role. Some are in Business Analyst careers, love their jobs, and want to improve and expand their skill set.

No matter what your Business Analyst career goals are, I can help you.

How can I access your eBooks?

You can purchase my eBooks and manuals from this page or from Amazon for your Kindle app. As a bonus, the books purchased from my site are easily printable after downloading, for those who prefer to read from paper. Unlike some eBooks, the ones you download from my store will never expire. Once you’ve purchased and downloaded the book, it’s yours to keep.

What is your refund policy?

My refund policy can be found on the Terms & Conditions page of my site.


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