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Strengthen your team's Business Analysis skills with IIBA-Endorsed Business Analysis training.




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Get the most from your team

If you have a team of Business Analysts, you want to know they are performing the job efficiently and correctly. Poor Business Analysis costs your company its reputation and future revenue, and it could even result in lawsuits or unwanted government interference.

When your team takes my IIBA-Endorsed Business Analyst course, they will function as a cohesive unit. They will understand the correct way to perform Business Analysis, which will save your company time and money. They’ll know which processes and procedures are necessary to minimize project stress, how to maintain standards, and which details need attention.


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Live Training

I travel to you for customized intensive Business Analyst training and skills coaching. This in-depth training will prepare your Business Analysts to tackle any assignment successfully.


Live-Online Hybrid

We come in for a half-day “kick-start” workshop, and then your Analysts complete a comprehensive online training. We'll be back for another half day to wrap things up and answer any questions your employees may have. We can also do a combination of full day workshops and online classes.

A partial list of training topics includes:

  • Effective verbal and nonverbal communication with stakeholders
  • Requirements facilitation questioning techniques
  • Negotiating changing and conflicting requirements
  • Requirements elicitation techniques
  • Software development overview
  • Business process flow diagrams
  • Use case creation
  • Report requirements and mock-ups
  • Testing status and defect summary
  • Project execution projections

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