Mastering Business Analysis with
Waterfall and Agile Methods

Build a Better Future and Earn More Respect with our business analysis course focusing on waterfall and agile methods.



Course Overview


Become Industry Recognized

Become a certified IT business analyst. Earn an official IIBA and industry recognized certification.


Study At Your Own Pace

Study at your own pace. Gain immediate access to over 25 hours of invaluable content and resources - and you'll have access for a full 6 months.


Private Coaching

BONUS - Two hours of private training with The Analyst Coach.


25 Full IIBA Credites

This training counts as 25 Full Credit Hours towards IIBA required continuing education.


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About the course

This comprehensive business analyst course features everything you'll need to both master your profession and develop your career. This course will teach you both high level business analysis and how to operate within Agile and Waterfall project management environments.

Following completion of this course, you'll have the complete knowledge it takes to understand and elicit requirements; work with the agile and waterfall methods; communicate effectively with employers and focus fully on the customer!

This course counts towards your IIBA continued education and will make you a certified business analyst. Following course completion you'll officially become a Certified IT Business Analyst for Agile and Waterfall Disciplines.

With the flexibility and freedom of online learning, getting certified in business analysis has never been easier.

Course Outline

Effective Communication 

In the effective communication training you will learn about:

  • The Process of Effective Communication
  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Listening Filters
  • Body Language
  • Acknowledgement of Message
  • Your Response and Feedback
  • Silence as a Communication Tool
  • Communicating Effectively to Your Audience
  • Facilitation Questioning Techniques
  • Requirements Session Exercise
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Asking Questions
  • How to Handle Negative Stakeholders
  • How to Handle Conflicting Requirements
  • Consequences of Late Requirements
  • Negotiating Changing and Conflicting Requirements

Requirements Elicitation 

In the requirements elicitation training you will learn about:

  • Recommended Steps to Business Analysis
  • Software Development Overview
  • Obtaining Detailed Requirements
  • Prioritizing Requirements
  • When is Requirements Elicitation Complete?
  • 4 Techniques and When to Use Them
  • Conflict Resolution
  • What Exactly You Need to Define for Requirements and the Characteristics of Excellent Requirements

Documenting Requirements 

In the documenting requirements training you will learn about:

  • Categorizing Requirements
  • Business Process Flow Diagrams
  • Report Requirements and Mock-ups
  • Use Case Examples (RUP and UML)
  • Screen Mock-ups
  • Creating a Business Requirements Document
  • How to Create a Screen Mock-up
  • Change Request Forms
  • Functional Design Documents

Requirements Validation 

In the requirements validation training you will learn about:

  • Requirements Trace Matrix
  • Testing Status and Defect Summary
  • Project Execution Projections
  • Test Planning
  • Test Scripts

Agile Training 

In the agile training you will learn about:

  • What Agile Is and What It Means
  • Differences From Waterfall
  • Differences From Other Iterative Methods
  • Agile Team Formation and Customer Focus
  • How to Create and Maintain a Product Backlog
  • Prioritizing the Backlog
  • Estimating (Not Hours to Complete Tasks)
  • Why You'd Rather Play Poker At Work
  • Creating User Stories
  • Story Reviews
  • Story Grooming
  • What Is an Epic, Theme, and Sprints
  • How Long Should a Sprint Be
  • Commitment vs. a Plan
  • Iteration Planning
  • Communicating Progress
  • What Retrospectives Are
  • BA Responsibilities During a Retrospective


In addition to other course material, you also receive the following bonus eBooks:

  • Data Modeling for Business Analysts
  • What Is and What Goes In a Vision Documen
  • Project Plan Tasks for Analysts
  • What Makes a Great Software Tester

PLUS - Two hours private training with The Analyst Coach herself.

For Business Analyst looking for...

  • Increased financial gain, career development, and personal growth.
  • Senior level expertise that breeds more confidence, respect and opportunities.
  • Qualifications and expertise required to master business analysis.
  • Complete competency in Agile and Waterfall projects.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this course worth the money? 

This course will actually result in you becoming a certified business analyst. Many other online business analysis courses are used as 'preparation' for other courses, or as very loose 'personal development' programs.
Because of our IIBA endoresment, we're able to reward students with the esteemed distinction of Certified IT Business Analyst for Waterfall and Agile Disciplines.
And you get to do it at your own pace with over six months access to 25 hours of walkthroughs of BOTH the Agile and Waterfall methods, which are must haves of the modern IT business analyst.
But that's not all!
You get two hours of private one on one coaching from a business analyst thought leader.
Want to get started? Enrol now!

Does your program require an amount of baseline experience in Business Analysis?

No. I want to help people who are already in Business Analyst positions as well as people who want to break into that field but lack experience. My training and coaching offer basic skills and more advanced techniques for people at all phases of Business Analyst careers. I also offer career coaching for Business Analysts who want to propel themselves beyond their current professional boundaries.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found on the Terms & Conditions page of my site.

Do you offer corporate coaching services?

Yes. Corporate coaching clients can choose between four days of live instruction or a hybrid live-online training experience. Both options include direct coaching from me.

Why The Analyst Coach?

Teresa Bennett has been a business analyst for over 20 years.
She served as a trusted consultant to Fortune 500 companies such as Time Warner Cable and the Bank of America.
Now Teresa has dedicated her life to helping others achieve these same levels of success.
These courses have been developed with IIBA guidance to deliver students with maximum value.
Find out more about Teresa here.

Why get certified?

Professional recognition for your knowledge and experience makes you stand out from your competition when going for promotions or new opportunities. It illustrates commitment, expertise and wisdom. Surveys conducted by IIBA and have show that certified business earn on average 10 to 13% higher than their non-certified counterparts.

Want to find out more? Get in contact.

Is this course recognized by any organizations?

Yes! The International Institute of Business Analysis has endorsed all of my online courses. Along with the endorsement come PD / CDU credits towards IIBA certification.

Is this course intended for people new to the Business Analyst career?

This course is about taking existing business analysis skills to the next level.
It would be beneficial but not required to have some prior career experience.
You can also have a look at our other courses.
Not sure if the course is right for you? Reach out and find out now.

Why is your program less expensive?

I make my services affordable and accessible by offering online training courses. Online access keeps my overhead costs down and lets me reach people at all stages of their IT careers. It also gives access to these career-enhancing tools to people who have to pay out of pocket. Larger corporations that offer training similar to mine often travel to teach and rent space to offer their lessons. That alone exponentially increases the cost of administering such training.


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