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Agile Bootcamp for Business Analysts...


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Receive 16 hours of PC/CDU from the IIBA

How this course works

You will complete the online component of the course and then you will have 2 hours of live training with me via a webinar. This is your opportunity to ask questions, get clarification, and take an even deeper dive into the areas you most want to focus on. The 2 hours of live training will be broken down into 2 sessions.

After purchasing the course, you will receive a link to a calendar to sign up for the live sessions. There are several options available so you can sign up for the ones that best fit your schedule.

Training documentation included in the course will be available for download from the course site once you have completed your purchase.


What you will learn when you complete this intensive course

  • What agile is and How it’s different from waterfall and other iterative methods
  • Agile team formation and how agile focuses on the customer
  • How to create and maintain a product backlog (requirements) and Prioritizing the backlog
  • Estimating (this is not related to hours to complete tasks)
  • Why you spend some of your time playing poker at work
  • Creating user stories, story reviews, story Grooming
  • What is an epic, theme, and sprints
  • How long should a sprint be
  • Commitment vs. a plan
  • Iteration planning
  • Communicating progress
  • What retrospectives are and what the BA role is during a retrospective

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100% Money back guarantee

“Thank you so much for doing this agile training! I had very little knowledge of agile, just enough to be dangerous, before I took your course. After the course I was able to secure a job working in an agile environment. Even though I didn’t have any agile experience, I was able to speak confidently about it in my interview and the hiring manager felt I would be a good fit because they wouldn’t have to train me on agile like so may of the other applicants they had. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Stephanie H.

“I had a completely different idea of how agile worked until I took this course – now I’ll be able to explain the value that a business analyst brings to agile projects and then show the proof of that in my work!”

Paul G.

“With so many companies starting to do agile, I knew it was important to my career to be able to work on both waterfall and agile projects. I have tons of waterfall experience, but no agile experience. Thank you for doing this course!”

Ruelle C.

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