BA Planning, Monitoring and Quality Management

Grow your income and get certified with our business analysis course focusing on planning, monitoring and quality management.


What this course includes


15 Training Modules

If you need certification or re-certification through the IIBA and lack the professional development hours to qualify...we'll help you!


1 Test and 1 Certificate of Recognition

You will complete a test at the end of your course. When you score at least 80% on your test, you will receive a certificate of completion that includes IIBA course ID to be recognised by the IIBA.


Private Coaching

We understand how hard it can be to learn something new. Our course that can be done from the convenience of your home or office.


16 IIBA Credits

We teach you all you need to know while speaking in your language. Our course keeps it simple and leaves the technical jargon at home.

What you'll learn

  • Planning for requirements analysis and stakeholder engagement
  • How to manage information
  • Monitoring input and output
  • Assessing requirement changes
  • Managing the quality of requirements


Does this apply to you?


  • You want an online course you can take anytime and anywhere you have have an internet connection.
  • You need a plan for managing requirements and maintaining requirements quality.
  • You want to improve your skills as a BA.
  • You need a clear understanding of how to manage the information you’re eliciting from stakeholders.
  • You want to understand how to prioritize requirements.
  • You want to create a solid requirements approval process.
  • You need certification or re-certification through the International Institute of Business Analysis and lack the professional development hours to qualify.

If so, this course is perfect for you!

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Course Objectives


Understand how to plan the approach to business analysis

Learn how to plan stakeholder engagement

Walk away knowing how to plan for business analysis governance

Plan business analysis information management

Identify business analysis performance improvements

Understand how to trace requirements

Know how to maintain a high level of quality requirements

Understand prioritizing of requirements and how to it’s done

How to assess requirement changes

Understand the requirements approval process

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your program require an amount of baseline experience in Business Analysis?

No. I want to help people who are already in Business Analyst positions as well as people who want to break into that field but lack experience. My training and coaching offer basic skills and more advanced techniques for people at all levels of Business Analyst careers. I also offer career coaching for Business Analysts who want to propel themselves beyond their current professional boundaries.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found on the Terms & Conditions page of our site.

Do you offer corporate coaching services?

Yes. Corporate clients can choose between four days of live instruction or a hybrid live-online training experience. Both options include direct coaching from us.

Why is your program less expensive?

I make my services affordable and accessible by offering online training courses. Online access keeps my overhead costs down and lets me reach people at all stages of their IT careers. It also gives access to these career-enhancing tools to people who have to pay out of pocket. Larger corporations that offer training similar to mine often travel to teach and rent space to offer their lessons. That alone exponentially increases the cost of administering such training.

Why The Analyst Coach?

Teresa Bennett has been a business analyst for over 20 years.
She served as a trusted consultant to Fortune 500 companies such as Time Warner Cable and the Bank of America.
Now Teresa has dedicated her life to helping others achieve these same levels of success.
These courses have been developed with IIBA guidance to deliver students with maximum value.
Find out more about Teresa here.

Why get certified?

Professional recognition for your knowledge and experience makes you stand out from your competition when going for promotions or new opportunities. It illustrates commitment, expertise and wisdom. Surveys conducted by IIBA and have show that certified business earn on average 10 to 13% higher than their non-certified counterparts.

Want to find out more? Get in contact.

Is this course recognized by any organizations?

Yes! The International Institute of Business Analysis has endorsed all of my online courses. Along with the endorsement come PD / CDU credits towards IIBA certification.

Is this course intended for people new to the Business Analyst career?

This course is about taking existing business analysis skills to the next level.
It would be beneficial but not required to have some prior career experience.
You can also have a look at our other courses.
Not sure if the course is right for you? Reach out and find out now.


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