Searching, Searching, Searching…

I have found that despite advances in search engine technology, when I’m researching a subject or looking for a particular document, I usually end up scrolling through many screens of results looking for what I want.  Here’s a quick trick you can use to save time sorting through non-relevant search engine results. Just have the search engine of your choice (this should work on all the major search engines) only return results for the type of file you want. As an example, when looking for product manuals of any type, search for only PDFs since most are produced in that […]


Screen Mock Ups

A question was recently raised in a group on LinkedIn regarding UI Design.  The question was if BAs should be doing UI design. While some BAs may be capable of doing UI design based on previous experience, I don’t believe complete UI design should rest on the BAs shoulders.  I do however, think they should provide a starting point for the UI designer/development team. Here’s my response from that posting: In my experience, as the BA, I have created screen mock-ups as part of my requirements package – usually included in the business requirements document or sometimes as part of the […]


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