Getting Data for Your Test Environment

There are four basic ways to get data into your test environment: production sample, starting from scratch, seeding data, or generating it. Production Sample: If your application is already in production and you need data for regression testing, the most common test-data acquisition technique is to take it from production. Production represents reality, in that it contains the actual situations the software must deal with and it offers both depth and breadth while saving the time required to create new data. However, something to keep in mind is that capacity in a test environment is rarely the same as production. […]


What is Most Important When Reporting Defects?

Analysts – what do you think is the most important piece of information to include when reporting a defect found during testing?


Defining Test Completion Criteria for Software Testing

You cannot exhaustively test any software system. Therefore, every project being tested should have criteria defined to indicate “we’re done testing”. Each test effort should have specific quantifiable goals. For example, “100% of scripts for new functionality must be run during system integration testing”. That’s one goal. There should be a goal related to regression scripts as well. You may even have goals that are specific to testing certain types of functionality if for some reason you did not have test scripts. Now, here’s something to consider: is testing complete when all testing has been competed, or is testing complete […]


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