IT Solutions: The Final Frontier of Business Analysis?

When it comes to business analysis, 99% of proposals dedicate some facet to IT solutions. It makes sense, because BAs are expected to have a good handle on software development and implementation. But therein lies the danger. When you think with a tech-only brain, you run the risk of creating incomplete solutions that result in only a partial transformation. I use the term “partial transformation” because tech-savvy stakeholders may feel satisfied, but employees who don’t rely on software to do their job will be left out in the cold. I’m often asked this question: “where are your clients in their […]


Make Business Analysis Simple with the MOST Method

Simple and business analysis are not an adjective/noun pairing you see very often. Simple business analysis? Really? Isn’t our chosen field robust and complicated by its nature? While it’s true that we business analysts focus on comprehensive solutions, it’s possible to simplify the process, and get a clearer picture on the most lucrative steps to take. To do that, use the MOST method, which is short for mission, objectives, strategies, and tactics. When you’re performing an environmental analysis, use the MOST method to determine how each of the four attributes are aligned with your business case proposal. Take this four-pronged […]


Top 5 Blog Posts on BA Leadership

Now that autumn has turned the world into an array of pumpkins, it’s time to reflect on this past summer. During those hotter months, I wrote about BA leadership, and what it means to the analysts who want to reach higher positions. As always, I remain committed to providing you with all of the resources, strategies, and facts you need to become the best business analyst you can. I’ve chosen 5 of my favorite articles—all of which have something to do with leadership, and how you can step into the role with ease and success. The Forgotten BA Skillset: Assertiveness […]


3 Misunderstandings About Agile Methodologies

Agile Methodologies for business analysis… If you’ve been at this for a while, you’ve probably gotten your fair share of weird looks when you mention Agile. (Trust me, I get the “huh?” question at least three or four times a week.) When it comes to being a successful business analyst who implements lasting solutions, clear and direct communication is the make-or-break factor. With so much jargon floating around between IT and the less-techy departments, no wonder there are so many misunderstandings about Agile Methodologies. No worries. In this blog, you’ll discover the 3 most common misconceptions about Agile Methodologies. More […]


5 Ways to Demonstrate Your Worth to Clients

Clients often overlook BAs or take them for granted. Other stakeholders and customers don’t understand what BAs do, so they ignore them or act as if the job isn’t an important one. When you have clients like this, it’s important that they understand who you are and what you do. When you can demonstrate your worth to them, they’ll respect you and your company more and work with you more effectively. Here’s how to show your clients what you’re doing and how you do it. Explain the job to them. Business analyst is a term most people think they know, […]


5 Ways to Praise Your Team 

Your team is your path to BA success, and keeping them motivated needs to be a prime goal for you. A happy team will produce more, innovate more, and work harder. Motivate your team with these simple yet effective ideas, and please offer more in a comment below! Verbal praise is always a good start. You don’t want to overdo it and sound cliché or fake, but please don’t underestimate the power of a well-timed “Great job!” or “You did well on that project.” The more specific you can be, the better, but all praise is enjoyed and appreciated. Some […]


How to Reduce Stress on the Job

Business Analysis can be a stressful profession, but many of us make ourselves more anxious and tense than we need to. We’re not taught how to reduce stress on the job, and many of us experience burnout. Try these ideas to keep you as tension free as possible. Know your limits. We all have our capabilities and limits when it comes to our workloads and working hours. Be aware of your own boundaries, and know when to say no and when to shift work times and tasks. If you’re stressed out, you can’t possibly do your best work, nor are […]


How to Assess Capability Gaps

When you assess capability gaps, you do the business a great service because not only are you identifying new opportunities for business expansion and increased profits, but you also uncover new capabilities required by the customer to meet current and future business needs. Before you can analyze any possible gaps in capability, you must have a clear understanding of the company’s current status in several areas: Human resources Technology and infrastructure Legal limitations (for example, medical and healthcare companies are bound by specific laws) Current and future financial obligations Patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property Gather all the information you […]


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