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The BA Solution: Technology is Not Always the Answer

<alt="Idea_Plan_Action"/>As a business analyst, you are a bridge between an organization’s problems and technological solutions—this according to the IIBA. But does the solution always rely on technology? Sometimes you have to think outside of the box.

My point: a new software upgrade won’t fix every problem in an industry. But so often, as business analysts, we are expected to fix everything with a few mouse clicks – and that’s not always how it works.

This is your mantra: you are the bridge between a problem and a solution. You’re the gatekeeper, the way out, and you help your clients become wholly successful by plugging up holes in the boat.

Even if you’re an IT business analyst, a technical business analyst, an online business analyst, or a systems analyst—you’re not a machine, and neither are your solutions.

When a solution doesn’t involve software, what else could it be?

Process Improvement

This means that you look into the nitty-gritty of how an organization operates. You’ll often find that with one minor change to the way a business runs, that amendment will result in a transformation.

Organizational Change

What happens when someone doesn’t have the right responsibilities? What if a responsibility doesn’t play to a person’s strengths? This is not to say that the person who has the wrong responsibility is incapable – it means that they could perform better elsewhere.

When a responsibility switch happens, great results can happen – without the use of software.

Strategic Planning

Sometimes you’ll find weaknesses that have not caused problems yet, and technology has nothing to do with that “future problem.” In this way, you’ll need to prepare the stakeholders for what’s to come with proactive problem solving.

Policy Development

So often an organization suffers because the policy isn’t working, and that causes employees to perform below expectations. In other words, the “book” has been written wrong.

It’s your responsibility as a successful business analyst to make suggestions and provide guidelines for foundational change.

Foundational change: those two words are your main objective, and always will be, whether the solution is technological or not.

Are you prepared for non-technical solutions?

Be ready!

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  1. […] Why focusing so much on business processes? Because business processes are at the center of Business Analysis. With a good knowledge of them, a Business Analyst can identify and understand the source of various problems in an organization, as well as propose solutions that are adapted to stakeholders reality. Solutions can then be implemented following a software development lifecycle (although it’s not always the case). […]

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