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Developing Training Material as a BA

<alt="Skills"/>When a company grows, new hires are the biggest part of the process. When you develop training material as a BA, how do you set the foundation for high production, employee retention, and overall client success?

When you develop training material, it’s as though you’re setting the tone for the future. You’re making an impact—for good or for ill—in future employees’ lives. Needless to say, it’s a huge responsibility.

But many IIBA-endorsed courses, don’t tackle training material development. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s important to be prepared for everything you’ll experience as a business analyst.

Know the core objectives of the company.

Take a close look, and examine your client’s mission statement. Know the purpose on a financial and personal level. Keep in mind that a company’s goal is not always the acquisition of higher profits. Though money is an important part of a company mission, they also care about their people’s happiness and personal successes.

When you look at the mission in both ways, you’ve set the foundation for highly successful training materials. Always keep in mind the “point” of the business, and you’ll be moving in the right direction.

Forecast obstacles for future employees.

It’s important to instill skillsets, but it’s equally important to forecast obstacles. When employees get prepared for what’s to come, a surprise won’t throw a wrench in the mix.

There’s nothing wrong with unforeseen circumstances slowing down an individual’s success. But it’s better when you can see the obstacles before they happen. When you learn about what could happen, and you get people prepared to face challenges, you help employees gain an upper hand in their work.

Use real-world scenarios in training material.

This is often overlooked. You can throw information all you want, but unless you give them examples of what will happen on the job, you won’t provide the most effective training materials.

Think of it this way: as a BA, you always need to be prepared for any challenge that will come your way, and when you develop training material, it’s paramount that you show employees how to be prepared.  The bigger question is…

How do you get prepared?

This is how.

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