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Books to Help Your BA Career Flourish

When you need some in-depth training in a particular area, look no further than our ebooks. We have several on many different topics, including project plans, data modeling, vision documents, and eliciting requirements. We’ve chosen four to highlight below.

Project Plan Task for Business and Quality Analysts


Project Plan Tasks for Business & Quality Analysts

This book, with descriptions of over 30 tasks that all BAs should include in their project plans, is perfect for everyone, from aspiring BA to the expert. Whether you’re a Business Analyst or a Software Tester (or somewhere in between), this book will help you learn more about the project planning required in both positions.

Tasks covered include:

  • Estimation
  • Risk Analysis
  • Organization and Process Modeling
  • Requirements Planning
        • Stakeholder Communication
        • Organizational Process Assets


Data Modeling for Business Analysts


Data Modeling for Business AnalystsNo matter your data modeling background, this book helps you understand how data modeling works and how to do it well. In addition to textual and graphical examples, it includes a detailed description of what data modeling is, why business analysts need to do it, and how it works. 






You’ll learn…

  • The definition of business data.
  • Techniques for identifying data components, business data, and core data requirements.
  • Entity naming conventions.
  • Entity definitions.
  • Concatenation.
  • Techniques for detailing entities and identifying attributes.
  • Attribute naming conventions, class words, definitions, and characteristics (with a sample attribute template).
  • Unique attributes.
  • Mandatory attributes.
  • Repeating attributes.


What is a Vision Document and What Goes in It?


What is a Vision Documentt and What Goes in ItThis eBook offers everything you need to know about vision documents: how they differ from business requirements documents, how they’re used on software projects, what sections comprise a vision document, and what information goes into each section.







Eliciting and Documenting Detailed Business Requirements


Eliciting and Documenting Detailed Business Requirements

Whether you need a refresher on business requirements documents (BRDs), or you’re discovering them now, this book will make everything clear and understandable. You’ll learn the process of preparing to elicit requirements, techniques for prioritization, and a step-by-step guide to documentation via the business requirements documents (BRD).





In addition to a detailed definition and breakdown of the BRD, its chapters cover . . .

  • Defining the approach for eliciting requirements and eliciting requirements techniques.
  • Obtaining detailed requirements.
  • Prioritizing requirements.
  • Documenting requirements and attributes (including examples of both vague and detailed requirements).

Find the books you need for the topics you’d like help with here, and please let me know if you find them helpful!

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