Posted by tac_admin, October 15, 2014

5 BA Hacks That Increase Productivity

<alt="BA Hacks"/>When it comes to your success as a business analyst, “getting things done”is your main objective.

It’s up to you to provide transformative solutions for all your clients, and to do that, you’ve got to increase your productivity.

With all the goings-on, sometimes ramping up your productivity level is difficult. You’ll find yourself inundated with an ever-growing to-do list. It all seems like an unclimbable mountain. You need a lifetime of BA experience to get through everything you need to do…

But with these 5 BA hacks you can increase your productivity, satisfy your clients, and accelerate your career.

Identify and course correct habits of resistance.

As you turn up the volume on your productivity, you must first figure out where the workflow slows down. When you eliminate stumbling blocks in your BA career, you clear your path to greater success.

As you move your way through a project, determine which tasks seem exceedingly long to accomplish. This is not to say that an effective project doesn’t require comprehensive work, but more likely than not, there will be certain milestones you spend too much time on.

Ask yourself why a certain portion of a project is so arduous, and you may find an easier, faster, and more effective method.

Design a productivity milestone list.

Life becomes a little easier when you put everything on paper. Once you figure out which projects slow you down, make a productivity milestone list that will reverse the situation.

It could be a matter of delegation. On the other hand, it might be an issue where the communication muddied the clarity of requirements.

Examine your communication efforts.

Typically effective communication (or lack thereof) weighs heavy on your productivity. Without clear milestones, how do you know where you should focus your energy?

Effective communication as a BA sets the tone for each project. In fact, your success and productivity is determined with clear and directional communication.

Get familiar with the biggest stakeholders.

As you elicit requirements from stakeholders, identify the people who have the most invested. Listen to everyone, but make the biggest stakeholders a priority. In doing so, you will prioritize, which is a benchmark of higher productivity.

Keep in mind: requirements are key to your success, so invest your time wisely during elicitation sessions. Understand the requirements, and you’ll move at a faster and more effective pace.

Implement a plan for organizational transformation.

Once you’ve set the foundation for your project, outline how you’ll provide a lasting transformation for the stakeholders. When you draw a detailed map, it becomes easier to move forward with the work. Remember to prioritize, and you’ll become more and more productive.

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