Posted by tac_admin, January 3, 2012

Workflow Diagrams

A workflow diagram visually details one or more business processes to clarify understanding or to make process improvement recommendations.

These diagrams are used for automated or manual processes, external agents, attributes, entities, business rules.

They are called “Workflow” diagrams because they show:

  • How work is accomplished
  • How various tasks interact with each other
  • How information flows through the business area
  • How workers are involved with each business activity

A workflow diagram depicts the sequence or flow of activities along with how the activities will be done – and sometimes who is involved in completing those activities.

Why use it?

  • Workflow diagrams are used by thousands of organizations around the world for many different purposes.
  • Few diagramming rules allow for maximum flexibility
  • Can be used for AS IS and TO BE analysis
  • Workflow diagrams are much clearer and easier for the technology design team to use than textual descriptions.

What if you don’t use it?

  • The business system design may not be well thought out
  • SMEs may not understand the proposed solution

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