Posted by tac_admin, April 15, 2016

Why IIBA-Endorsed Training?

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IIBA-endorsed training is what separates the business analysts who shoot up the corporate ladder quickly and those who struggle for years. When you go in to a project without comprehensive training, finding the right solution equates to feeling around for a light switch in the dark.

It’s hard—and needlessly so.

On the other hand, IIBA-endorsed training prepares you for multiple scenarios that you’ll inevitably face. As a brief overview, getting the training you need means…

  • You will elicit requirements the right way.
  • You will communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  • You will create nearly perfect documents—use cases, BRDs, process flow diagrams, the works.
  • You won’t have to learn as you go.

The moral of the story is: on-the-job training won’t get you very far. In this industry, stakeholders and bosses expect business analysts to be prepared before a project begins.

The only way to achieve that is through IIBA-endorsed training. Here are a few situations that illustrate my point.

Requirements elicitation.

Do you know the right questions to ask?

Specifically, do you know how to extract requirements from a stakeholders mind, so that you have a clear set of goals in front of you?

You will have that clarity with IIBA-endorsed training. Knowing the right questions to ask means that you will be able to create a process flow that ends at the right spot. In other words, you are able to create the right goal, and then take the steps toward getting there.

Effective communication.

Whether it’s a reliance on tech-speak or a lack of clear purpose, communication breakdowns stop a business analyst project dead in its tracks. If we’re being honest here, we need to face an important truth…

Not everyone is the best communicator.

When the communication wires cross, then you end up with hours (if not days or weeks) of additional work. When you get the training you need, you will understand how to communicate effectively and understand every project objective.

Creating documents.


Use cases.

Process flow diagrams.

Data flow diagrams.


Screen mockups.

These documents will be your saving grace when you’re on a project. Use cases, for example, serve as a map of how the users will interact with the system.

Only with IIBA-endorsed training, such as this one, will you be able to create documents that move your project forward without issue.

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