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Upgrading Careers from Software Tester to Business Analyst

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Did you begin your career as a software tester?

If you did—congratulations!

The reason I say this is because, if you’re a software tester, it’s much easier to upgrade your career to a business analyst position.

The caveat: making this transition requires a certain set of tools that allows you to tackle the multiplying responsibilities you’ll take on.

In your new role as a business analyst, one of the first things you’ll soon realize is that you didn’t simply upgrade your career—you took a wholly different path.

While there is more money to be made in business analysis, there are also crucial skillsets that you will need before you achieve any measure of success.

The Foundational Tools for Business Analysis

Look back to when you were a teenager. Did you walk into a new job, maybe your first one ever, and not know a single thing about the systems and operations? Chances are, you did.

But that was okay, as the company offered you on-the-job training.

Unfortunately, business analysis isn’t like that.

After you move out of your software testing position and into your BA position, you will need to know the basics on day one.

And those foundational tools include…

  • Catering to stakeholder needs.
  • Discovering stakeholder needs (which is completely different than what I mentioned above).
  • Approval of your proposed solution.
  • Creating a laundry list of documents, such as BRDs, use cases, and more.

When you have these skills in your back pocket, you will be able to more effortlessly upgrade to the career you want. Though you need formal, IIBA-endorsed training to truly master these foundational skills, not to worry.

I’ll reveal the must-know information in this article.

Catering to Stakeholder Needs

The managers, employees, and decision-makers who have a say in how the company works and how it performs—these are the people you have to satisfy as a reputable business analyst.

It’s important to elicit requirements from these stakeholders, as you’re creating a list of core objectives to complete the project successfully.

Discovering Stakeholder Needs

Even more important than completing objectives is discovering objectives. Uncovering serious issues a company faces (and solving those hidden obstacles) is what will help you rise above in the industry.

Approval of Your Proposed Solution

It’s up to you and the entire team to implement the big solution that will transform the company; however, you must first defend your proposal to stakeholders and receive approval. This means presenting evidence of the benefits and projecting a brighter future.

Will you receive pushback? I have. My colleagues have. Most business analysts do.

IIBA-endorsed training will reveal how to handle these tough situations.

Creating Documents  

BRDs, use cases, process flow diagrams, and screen mockups—you need these to transition into a BA career. And it’s not so simple to get the information needed to create these documents flawlessly.

Luckily, you have that training right here.

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