Posted by tac_admin, November 26, 2011

Typical Software Project Challenges

How many of these challenges have you NOT faced on software projects?

I would bet at one time or another everyone reading this has faced all of these challenges.

Not all on every project (thankfully), but all of them between the various projects you’ve worked on.

  • Limited, and sometimes highly constrained, duration
  • Uncertainty regarding work required, methods, durations, and costs
  • Complex sequencing requirements among activities
  • Large projects are often composed of multiple smaller projects
  • Often constrained resource availability and uneven workload
  • Temporary project organization/team with members drawn from various disciplines, functional areas, and organizations
  • Geographically dispersed team members
  • Project manager lacks formal, permanent authority with respect to team members
  • Potential for changing priorities, miscommunication, confusion, and conflict

Any other challenges to add to the list?


6 responses to “Typical Software Project Challenges”

  1. Jo says:

    Hi Teresa,
    There is one more project challenge & that is users who are providing requirements and whom don’t know exactly what it is that they want. This can often lead to substantial amount of rework :).

  2. john says:

    how about organizational change mid-project that derails the effort (including the loss of key stakeholders/sponsors)?

    • Teresa Bennett says:

      John – excellent point – especially given the recent economic climate. Companies are laying off and doing org changes on what seems like a regular basis these days which definitely impacts projects currently being worked on and projects planned for the future as well.

  3. Neha Srivastava says:

    The challenge seen mostly in small companies is lack of adequate documentation or no documentation at all. I have faced this problem a lot. At times even the client does not provide any documentation at all.

    • Teresa Bennett says:

      Good point Neha. Coming from a small company, can you tell me if your company has a process in place for projects or is more like doing things on the fly, as they need to be done? I’m curious about the differences in small vs. large companies.

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