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To the Core

Business Analyst SkillsThough Business Analysts may be employed by a variety of companies, a BA’s primary role remains constant—to bridge the IT and business world.

As the primary liaison between business and technology, BAs are expected to collect data and use it to effectively improve all aspects of the business and increase profits. But in order to excel in this arena, a great Business Analysts must possess the requisite skills to deliver results.

These skills include…

Logical Thinking. Perhaps one of the most essential skills of a business analyst is being able to think logically. In order to perform the job well, a business analyst must remain objective and be able to see the “big picture.” BAs must be able to look at industry data and make logical predictions about what the future holds.

Interpreting and Analyzing Data. BAs continually work with data, so a successful analyst should have a mind honed for deductive reasoning and an aptitude for spotting patterns in data. For example, a BA may need to analyze customer satisfaction surveys from a particular business. The BA would need to break the data down and determine what percentages of customers are happy and what percentages are not. Using the data, the BA would figure out which elements of the business people have been consistently unhappy with and seek ways to improve them.

Impeccable Organization. Since aBA will be consistently reviewing and analyzing data, it only makes sense that he or she should be well organized. Over the course of a project, a BA will be eliciting and documenting requirements in great detail. Without proper organization, key elements could be misplaced or overlooked. This is especially important when looking at large scale, long-term data over several years. Being able to keep things like graphs and charts organized and easily accessible is vital to making good decisions for future business endeavors.

Killer Communication Skills. Because a BA works with various people and departments—from SMEs to developers—communication is key. Without fine-tuned written and verbal communication skills, a BA might not be able to elicit requirements properly, document requirements, or thrive in collaborative meetings with the project team. Consequently, it’s imperative that BAs have solid interpersonal skills and can interact with others effectively.

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