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The RACI Matrix: What It Is and How To Use It


The RACI Matrix, also known as a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM), outlines which business areas are responsible for project deliverables. Often, you’ll use it when you’re working with companies or corporations where key personnel may wear several hats, or more than one person wears a specific hat.

RACI is an acronym for the key roles: responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed. Each role is distinct and separate from the others, though the same people may be responsible for more than one. Hence, the matrix must be specific and updated as necessary.


Who physically carries out each task in the project? Who performs the work in each role? The matrix will outline each function and the personnel responsible for it. This ensures that everyone is clear about their roles and the PMs and BAs have a list of contacts among the workers, saving time for everyone.


Sometimes those who complete a task are not the same people who are accountable for it. For example, a medical device service department may have several technicians who do the work, but the manager is accountable for the tasks being completed correctly. Those who are accountable are typically the key contacts for the PMs and BAs, but not always.


Often, these are the experts in the industry or the topics of the project outcomes or deliverables. Using the medical device example, the consulted might be the manufacturers of the machines the techs service, or they might be top experts in the industry the device serves, such as dialysis.


This role could encompass anyone who has an interest in the results of the project or in the deliverables. They receive regular updates on the project or the business analysis. Examples include stockholders, administrative personnel, government entities, and other employees not directly involved in the project.

The RACI matrix is known by several terms, including linear responsibility chart (LRC). Alternative versions include RASCI, which includes support personnel, and RACI-VS, which includes a verifier for quality assurance and a signatory to authorize the results.

What has been your biggest challenge with the RACI matrix?

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