Posted by tac_admin, September 26, 2011

Testing Software Requirements

Testing activities follow a life cycle that should run in parallel with the software development life cycle.

The Business Analyst’s Role in Testing:

To objectively validate a system, the tester must compare the final product to the product request (the requirements).

The BA may participate in testing by:

  • Identifying potential test cases
  • Identifying potential test data
  • Refining requirements if necessary
  • Providing detailed explanations of complex requirements
  • Assisting in Test Plan development(creating test plan 100% if you are also acting in a dual role and you are also the test analyst)
  • Writing test scripts if you also have the role of test analyst
  • Executing test cases
  • Reviewing test results
  • Assessing software¬†usability¬†from the user’s perspective
  • Reporting defects identified during testing
  • Helping to research and resolve defects
  • Working with the users during use acceptance testing

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