Posted by tac_admin, August 6, 2012

Software Business Requirements – Listening Skills

When you are in the process of eliciting requirements in order to gather requirements and then document those requirements, you must listen to the subject matter experts without applying listening filters.

In other words, you need to hear what they are saying, not what you think they are saying.

One of the listening filters we sometimes apply in a conversation is thinking of responses during the conversation.

  • An accurate response to a speaker’s message is a response to his or her total communication.
  • A shared or common topic of a discussion may trigger thinking of a response during the conversation. The formulation of this response in your mind causes you to lose the rest of the discussion.
–Try to stay open until you hear the entire thought
–Paraphrase back to the speaker their message to be sure you heard it all
–Note taking may help to keep you focused

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