Posted by tac_admin, August 16, 2013

Requirements Elicitation is Not

We spend a lot of time talking about what you do when you are eliciting requirements and what the goal is, but we forget the importance of understanding what it is not. In this post I want to cover what you should not expect from a requirements elicitation exercise.

  • Elicitation doesn’t normally produce models. While this may sometimes happen, it isn’t the goal of elicitation.
  • Requirements attributes aren’t specified during elicitation. Attributes related to the requirement itself are identified at this time, such as requirement source and owner, but not the attributes for the requirement – that comes later during the next part of your analysis.
  • Elicitation exercises should not produce full and complete documentation. Elicitation is only the beginning, which brings us back to the 2nd bullet point. You will have many rounds of analysis once the requirements are identified during elicitation.

After the elicitation exercise is completed, then you start adding the details, attributes, etc as you move through analysis of those requirements.

It’s your responsibility as the business analyst to translate the business needs captured during elicitation, into complete and actionable business requirements.


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