Posted by tac_admin, September 13, 2011

Project Life Cycle

Every project progresses through various phases of work. I’m taking a step back to the beginning and defining those phases. These phases together can be thought of as the Project Life Cycle.

  1. Plan the project
    • Discover and document the need and assigning resources
  2. Scope the project
    • Clarify objectives
    • identify organizations involved in project
    • Determine business areas included in, and excluded from, the project.
    • Identify assumptions and risks
  3. Elicit, analyze and document requirements
    • Determine where to find requirements
    • Define the approach to elicit requirements (JAD session, interviews, etc.)
    • Obtain complete, detailed requirements
    • Identify and prioritize requirements
    • Document the requirements
  4. Design a solution
    • Communicate the requirements
    • Recommend the solution or solution alternatives
  5. Build or buy the solution
    • Write new or modify existing software
    • Install any acquired software
    • Write new procedures and/or assist with documenting any organizational changes
  6. Test the solution
    • Verify the software meets the requirements
    • Get user acceptance
  7. Implement the solution
    • Field roll out
    • End user training
  8. Conduct post-implementation review
    • Assess the solution
    • Elicit information for enhancements

Thoughts? Comments? Any additions you can think of?


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