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How to Work with Different Personality Types

2013-10-25_0856_002Often, when we have a conflict with a coworker or a client, it’s merely a case of clashing personality types. While there are many different personality types (which can be tested), most of us fall into three types: A, B, and C. Each one has its challenges and strengths, which you need to know to work effectively with them.

Type A
How to spot them: These are the go-getters. They come in at the crack of dawn and are still there when the custodians come in. They can be intense, impatient, ambitious, and controlling. Their weekends consist of competitive sports or any other energetic activity.

How to work with them: Type A workers are motivated by money or other tangible rewards, so give them a high goal to meet. They are often after management positions, so beware if they are under you. They will take charge of any situation, and they don’t appreciate micromanagement. They like to win. If you need someone to spearhead a project and get things done, ask a Type A.

Type B
How to spot them: Type Bs are more laid back than Type As, and they tend to grate on the As’ nerves. They like to socialize and collaborate, and they’re laid back and calm. Their weekends consist of time with family and relaxing.

How to work with them: Type Bs love to work with others, so let them do that. Put them on teams or in work areas with short cubicles. They like work that is social, such as receptionist, client services, or vendor services. They like to be the center of attention and respond well to motivation from you.

Type C
How to spot them: Look for the worker in the corner, busily typing away or crunching numbers. He or she doesn’t mind interacting with coworkers, but isn’t likely to seek out company. They are introverted but ready to take on new challenges and test themselves. Their weekends are often spent alone reading or watching informative television to learn something.

How to work with them: Type Cs love to be behind the scenes, so give them work that caters to their love for detail and numbers. These employees excel in business analysis or in accounting. They prefer to be their own authority whenever possible, and can be trusted with large projects. They are dependable and conscientious. They’re not going to be the superstar sales people or the charismatic client services rep, but they’re going to give you the data and info you need every time.

Which personality type do you find easiest to manage?

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