Posted by tac_admin, August 17, 2012

How to Promote Excellent Requirements

My last post was about what characteristics make a requirement excellent. These are some things your project team can do to promote excellent requirements:

  • Develop a clear vision for the product
  • Ensure there is a well-defined project scope and that all members of the project team have the same understanding of that scope.
  • Stakeholders should be involved throughout the requirements process (not just in the requirements sessions).
  • Discover and represent requirements using multiple techniques and models.
  • Document the requirements clearly and consistently – Choose a method of documentation and stick to that method for the entire project.
  • You must continuously validate that the requirements are the right ones to focus on. Make sure that you are updating older requirements as you get new ones if the new ones affect previously gathered requirements.
  • Frequently review the requirements and remove unnecessary ones.
  • Prioritize the requirements (ex: must have, nice to have, optional)


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