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How to Improve Your Memory as a Business Analyst

<img src="image.gif" alt="a brain"/>With the enormous amount of information in the BABOK® Guide, it is impossible to learn it all in one sitting. You might think you can use a smartphone to get by, but it’s much better to know the information than to Google it.

When it comes to achieving business analysis success and improving memory, nothing beats taking notes by hand.

A recent article in The Atlantic backs up my statement. The article tells us a story about a student named Pam who forgot her laptop at home. Since she was unable to browse the web during the lecture, she decided to take notes by hand.

The results were surprising.

Not only did Pam enjoy her lecture more, she performed better on her next test. Taking notes by hand engaged her attention, so she was able to have a better memory come test time.

Simply reading the information on a screen – or typing it on a keyboard – is not enough. The movements of your hand on a piece of paper ensure you digest the information better.

A study by Mueller and Oppenheimer found people who take handwritten notes remember lectures better. The students in the study watched a 30-minute video and had a follow-up quiz on the video’s content. The handwritten note takers outperformed the laptop note takers. The difference between the two was this:

Laptop note takers simply transcribed the lecture, word by word.
Handwritten note takers processed the information with their notes, rather than just copied the lecture.

If you’re new to being a business analyst, or you are looking to retrain your BA skills, taking notes by hand is a better way to improve your memory. As you advance in your BA career, you will have more information to manage. While computers are helpful, the best processor you have is your brain.

If you want the competitive edge as a business analyst, I have a community for BA’s to hone your skills, advance your career, and create the lifestyle you want. To read more about this program – called the BA Success Club, visit this page now.

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