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From Whiteboard to Benefit

From Whiteboard to Benefit Pic


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I like the questions in this infographic; they can be used for many types of conversations you’re having with stakeholders and SMEs on your project. It doesn’t have to be specific to the “whiteboard” conversation.

However, I do agree that it’s important to focus on these points when future requirements/processes are being discussed. Oftentimes I have seen the “future flow” discussion turn into a wish list of great magnitude that isn’t possible given the timeline and budget for the project.

To help keep the project on track:

  1. Ensure your future flow is in line with the scope of the project.
  2. Use the questions in the above infographic to keep the flow in check. We want to make sure we’re focused on delivering value that truly meets the business needs while also being practical about the solution.
  3. Stay on course with the business case. Always keep in mind the first question of “what benefits can we achieve with this solution?”

As business analysts, it’s our job to ensure the future processes and solution are staying in line with the goals identified in the business case and will help the team to stay on track with the goals of the project.

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