Posted by tac_admin, October 5, 2012

Four Steps to Consistent Requirements Elicitation

1. Ask Questions – remember that your job as a business analyst is to help the business solve a problem they have.

The dynamic of how your business sponsor’s mind works is the key to understanding their needs. Remember that it’s not always what the person says that’s important, sometimes it’s how they say it that you need to pay attention to.

2. Listen – Listen to what the business is saying. If you are really listening, what they tell you will lead you to what questions you need to ask next.

3. Feedback – next, your job is to provide feedback of what you heard to ensure you understood correctly what they were saying. Do this by repeating back to them what you heard them say using paraphrasing or mirroring their words.

4. Agreement – ensure you have agreement from the business of what the requirement really is.

Remember that questions elicit the business reasons for what they want and you need to act as their guide to define clarity around those needs.


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