Posted by tac_admin, July 20, 2011

Entity Relationship Diagrams

Entity relationship diagrams can be used for business requirements, functional requirements, and technical requirements.

Why you should use it:

  • The entity relationship diagram has been used by data modelers and DBAs (database administrators) for more than 20 years. This is a well accepted standard used in organizations all over the world.
  • It provides a clear description of all data related business rules
  • It helps to ease the move from analysis to design by having business analysts and database designers use consistent diagrams – less chance for a misunderstanding of the documentation.
  • Textual templates can be used in place of the diagram

What happens if you don’t use it?

  • Database design will take more time and data elements may be missed
  • Developers may use the wrong data elements in their coding
  • Business rules between data components are much more difficult to define and may be missed
  • This may be accomplished with textual templates as an alternative to the diagram

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