Posted by tac_admin, December 29, 2015

Can Questions Change Your Life?


I have read many articles and books this year that tell us we can change our lives by starting the day with questions; asking ourselves the same questions every morning.

I am committed to doing this in 2016 and I’d like to challenge you to do it with me.

The key is to ask empowering questions – questions that will empower you, make you feel better, and can even help others as you begin helping yourself.

Below is the list of questions I’m going to ask myself each morning. Feel free to use these for yourself or create your own empowering questions.

Just remember to make sure they are not disempowering questions. Examples of disempowering questions would be “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why don’t I ever seem to have enough money to cover the bills every month?”

  1. What 2 things am I most happy about right now in my life?
    1. What is it about those 2 things that makes me happy?
  2. What 2 things am I most excited about in my life right now?
    1. What is it about those 2 things that makes me excited?
  3. What 2 things am I most grateful about in my life right now?
    1. What is it about those things that makes me feel grateful?
  4. What is the number 1 thing in my life that I’m enjoying the most right now?
    1. What is it about that thing that makes me enjoy it?
  5. What one thing am I most committed to right now?
    1. What is it about this thing that makes me committed to it?

As an example, for # 5 I’m most committed right now to helping other people succeed. What is it that makes me committed to that? I get great satisfaction from being a part of helping others get a new position, improve job performance, attain a goal, have a better life, support their families, and improve their own lives in some way. That’s why I’m committed to that; because I feel accomplished when I help others succeed.

Will you do this with me? My challenge to you is to do this every morning (when you first wake up) for the month of January and then send me an email at on February 1st and let me know if it has made a change in your circumstances, your attitude, your outlook, etc.

Let’s make changes in our routines that allow for great changes in our lives in 2016!

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