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BA Resource: What You Ought to Know About Business Communication and Requirements Elicitation


Business communication and requirements elicitation are the core elements of your success as a BA. In fact, when you learn effective communications and elicitation methods, it’s kind of like being immersed in a good book.

Let me explain…

Don’t you love a good book? I know I do. When I find a one, I’ll read it thoroughly. When I’m finished with it, I’ll find other books like it.

That’s just how we’re wired. When we find someone we like, we seek it out in multiple ways.

You’re here reading my blog because we both have similar interests: the world of business analysis. And working with other BAs is the book I never get tired of reading.

While I’ve brought up effective communication and requirements elicitation in past posts, core concepts need reiteration. Plus, emerging trends in the industry mean working is different today than a decade ago.

That’s why it’s so important to stay current on all your education. Not just because it’s required that you get those IIBA-endorsed credits, but also because your thorough BA skillsets will set you up for more and more success…

Which is why I’ve developed a new training course just for you.

I’m calling my new course: Effective Communication and Requirements Elicitation Worksop. It’s a simple, 2-day LIVE training. Here is a brief glimpse of what you can expect…

Day One — Effective Communication

During day one, I’ll cover some common (and devastating) communication mistakes. Avoiding these blunders is vital for saving yourself from embarrassment in the workplace, at an event, or during a meeting. The communication exercises happening on day one train you to become a truly effective communicator.

When you have good communication skills, you can keep the attention of people in a meeting for as long as you desire. You can also be as persuasive to the point where you can say as little as possible to get your desired outcomes.

Day Two — Requirements Elicitation Training

After you’ve increased your communication skills, you’ll work on a vital element of working as a BA: elicitation requirements. Day two covers the necessary technologies, how to use them, and how to elicit requirements when you work on a remote team.

One of the highlights of this lesson is knowing the 14 characteristics of good requirements. By the end of this course, you’ll know the necessary amount of information to do an elicitation.

But that’s not all that makes this 2-day course unique. It’s also…

Fun and Informative

I’ll run you through some fun (and valuable) exercises that involve a pool company, training website, and medical records portal. Each one of these exercises gives you a “learning on the field” experience.

After going through this short, 2-day course, you will not just be a better communicator; you will know the ins-and-outs of elicitation requirements. What you learn in class will be re-enforced with exercises that help you put into practice what you are learning.

I’m taking enrollment in this LIVE course starting now. Seats are limited, so sign up right away!

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