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Focus on Our Business Analysis Online Training

<img src="image.gif" alt="Stack of books" />If you’re accepted a BA position and now you need to know how to do it, or if you’ve been a BA for a while but don’t feel like you’re where you need to be in your education, we have the IIBA-certified course for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of college or have 20 years experience. if you need
a clear understanding of the job functions and skills you need to have, you want a course that keeps it simple.

Mastering Business Analysis Online Training is a self-paced online course that covers the skills you need to master to be an excellent Business Analyst. The course includes documentation, videos, and audio training.

There will be a quiz for each module, and you will receive a certificate of completion if you score 80% or better on the test. Once you complete all 4 training modules and score at least 80% on each quiz, you will receive the distinction of Certified Information Technology Business Analyst.

This training series includes 10 PD/CDU credits from the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis). I take the fluff out and give you real-world, how it’s really done, training. Sign up today and start moving your career in the direction you want to go – up! Learn the following vital skills:

  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Listening Filters
  • The Process of Effective Communication
  • Body Language
  • Acknowledgement of the Message
  • Asking Questions
  • Requirements Facilitation Questioning Techniques
  • Communicating Effectively to Your Audience
  • How to Handle Negative Stakeholders
  • How to Handle Conflicting Requirements

The methods are just as important as the techniques. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:

  • Recommended Steps to Business Analysis
  • Software Development Overview
  • Obtaining Detailed Requirements
  • Prioritizing Requirements
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Excellent Requirements

Tools and documents are a vital part of any BA’s arsenal. The tools you’ll play with and discover are:

  • Business Process Flow Diagrams
  • Report Requirements and Mock-ups
  • Use Case Examples (RUP and UML)
  • Screen Mock-ups
  • Vision Documents
  • Change Request Forms

Here’s what others had to say:

“The Mastering Business Analysis course not only helped me with interviews for other BA positions, but has also gained me compliments at my current assignment whereby two project managers raved about how well they felt my BRDs are written. I have a second interview for a contract assignment for a Senior BA today.

Thank you and I look forward to taking more of your courses.” – Brenda J.

“I have now completed the 4 course series of Mastering Business Analysis, including passing all of the required exams. I enjoyed the lessons, and now will march forward with new tools, enhanced knowledge/skills and improved confidence. Thank You!” – Kat R.

“Teresa this course saved my butt at work! My manager said that my skills were not up to par when compared to my resume and my interview. I interview well and I don’t have a problem getting jobs, but then I end up having issues understanding how to complete the tasks and my co-workers get frustrated with me for asking so many questions. I lost my previous job for this reason and was so scared it would happen again. Your online training course was worth every penny – I truly believe that you saved my job – thank you!!!” – Pat N.

“What I like about your courses is that you outline how something should be done. Often for me I’ve been thrown around in the deep end without any mentoring or support and have had to learn the hard way by making mistakes or trying to glean information from people who consider such details taken for granted. “With your outlines of how something should be, now I go into a new area equipped and am often ready to propose improvements or even just go ahead and do something that wasn’t being done (e.g. a test plan or agreeing UAT bug prioritization categories) and let my actions speak for themselves.” – Helen A.

“Thank you Teresa for putting the course together. It was very helpful to have you walk through the training and give your view points on the subjects. Going through how to fill out the BRD was very useful to me and how to do test projections was something I was not exposed to previously so I’m really glad you included that. The templates and documentation are great. – Dana K.

Sign up for Mastering Business Analysis Online Training today!

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