Posted by tac_admin, June 22, 2011

What is Agile Development – Simple Words, Please

I was recently asked in a group discussion on LinkedIn to explain in simple terms what Agile means. I was thrilled to respond to that question because it sums up why I started my analyst coaching business. There is a lack of information out there for IT analysts that puts things in simple terms and gets down to how you do your tasks, not just what tasks are expected of you.

I had several responses in that discussion thread that thanked me for putting this in simple terms and some people said they didn’t really understand what Agile meant until they read my response.

This is the answer I posted on that LinkedIn discussion:

Simply put, agile development means you’re doing small cycles of the complete SDLC for a project. Each cycle lasts a certain number of weeks and you do the planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, and testing in that cycle. You then move on to the the next cycle and do the same thing until you get the project completed. This process allows for less documentation up front, gathering requirements as you go along, and requires heavier involvement from the business throughout the project. Agile promotes working together – typically in a large office space with everyone from the team together – and relies more on face-to-face discussion than documentation.

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  1. jasmin says:

    very short and easy to understand …

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