Posted by tac_admin, June 29, 2011

Top 3 Success Secrets for IT Analysts

I wrote a book called “Top 10 Success Secrets for IT Analysts” (it actually has 11, I couldn’t stop at 10). This book can be purchased on this website or from Amazon for your Kindle app.

Today, I’m going to share the top 3 from my book:

1. Slow your roll!

Speed is not the name of the game here. You will of course have project deadlines you need to meet, but you also need to take some time to make sure you have covered everything that needs to be covered. Did you capture all of the business requirements? Are the test cases complete? Do you have all of the system requirements identified?

2. Analyze

This word is in your title and if it isn’t in your title, you’re still doing it as part of your job functions. Don’t just record requirements the business gives you or just write test scripts that cover the requirements. Dig into what you see and what you’re being told and ask questions. The golden rule: ask why 3 times and you’ll get to the real requirement.

3. Move outside of your comfort zone

You may be perfectly comfortable with writing use cases, creating process flows, writing test scripts, but you may be very uncomfortable with speaking to groups to elicit requirements or speaking to developers about defects. If there’s a part of your job that makes you uncomfortable, make sure you spend as much time as possible doing those tasks until they move into your comfort zone – then go after the next thing you’re not comfortable doing.

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