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The Time I Was Most Scared in My Job as a Business Analyst

I had many years of testing experience and Business Analyst experience – before there was title for BA work. When I moved into an official role as a business analyst, I was excited and not the least bit apprehensive about it.

I had a great manager that supported me and helped me when I was having difficulties with what to document, how to document it, etc. Because I was in a supportive environment it truly never crossed my mind that I couldn’t do the job. And then I decided to leave that company…

I worked at that company for about 5 years. Many changes had taken place including leadership changes within the organization  in. I found that I was no longer happy working there and I decided to start looking for a new opportunity. Everything’s  still good, no apprehension yet; I’m excited at the prospect of doing something different. And then I post my resume and get a call for an interview…

I was nervous on the interview, but lets be honest, we’re always nervous on interviews. The best you can do is not show your nervousness. This was my first interview and I got the job offer – before I even made it back home from the interview I got a call with the offer! I accepted, was completely excited for about 5 minutes, and then I got scared…really scared.

The Time I Was Most Scared

Some of the thoughts I remember having were things like “What if I can’t do this BA thing at another company?”, “What if I’m only good at it because I know the business so well at the company I’m at?”, What if they ask me to create a document I’ve never heard of, what should I say, will I be able to do it?”, “What if I can’t learn their business?”.

I know there were more “what ifs”, but these are the ones that still stand out in my mind when I remember that experience.

That was 5 years ago and I survived it! 🙂

Yes, there were times that I had to say “I need help”, but I was able to learn the business (and several other business areas since then) and to adapt to the new company’s culture and to their processes. Thankfully there were other BAs on the team that I was able to build relationships with that were a big help to me during the transition.

When have you been most scared in your job? Please comment on this post and to share your experience.

If you do not have a support system at work and you are struggling , scared you can’t do the job (or scared to leave a job), or you are losing confidence in yourself because you need guidance you are not getting on the job, then consider contacting me to help you through this difficult time – I can help you regain confidence in your abilities.

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