Posted by tac_admin, January 2, 2014

The Best Job for the New Year—Business Analyst

BA Jobs in 2014

According to CNN Money/Pay Scale, IT Business Analyst is #42 on the list of the top 100 careers with satisfying work, good pay, and significant growth. I already knew that!

The median pay is $80,400, but if you use my Business Analyst training programs to grow your expertise, you can surpass that number in a relatively short period. The graphic above shows the top pay as just over $100,000. Most of my students achieve that quickly and consistently.

The job growth is big: 22.1%, which is likely to continue at the same level for the foreseeable future. At this time, CNN Money/Pay Scale estimates the number of jobs to be 544,000. There was no information about how many jobs were at each experience and pay level, but I can tell you that companies are willing to pay top dollar for BAs that help them improve their bottom lines.

The description of the job reads, “These analysts help businesses optimize their technology to improve efficiency, cut costs, and bring in new customers.” May we add details such as provide superior service to clients and customers, improve customer and client relations, pave the way for new products and services, and foster innovation in companies’ industries.

Quality of life ratings are a bit low for my taste. Personal satisfaction for most BAs is much higher than the “C” rating shown in the graphic. Most BAs find a deep contentment in helping companies develop their processes and services to become the most efficient they can be. All the side effects of business improvement benefit society, because they benefit the people. Again, a “C” rating is low.

The flexibility of IT Business Analysts is impressive. Not only can a BA seamlessly shift to wear many hats in the analysis process, but a good BA can also translate his or her skills to virtually any industry. Stress levels vary for BAs, but a job with less stress is always waiting for you at any time.

What about being a BA sold you on the profession?

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