Posted by tac_admin, June 25, 2011

Project Re-work – The Need for Better Business Requirements Analysis

I found the article “As if Re-Work Wasn’t Enough” to have some interesting statistics and good information on why we frequently spend large amounts of our budgets on re-work. As business analysts, we need to ensure we not only capture clear, concise requiremetns, but also necessary requirements.

I’ll continue saying this – we MUST analyze those requirements we are given. Do not take them at face value, ask questions, ask questions, ask questions. Ask until you get down to the true requirement and then ask some more questions to make sure the requirement is truly necessary.

“Studies show that somewhere between 25-50% of software project budgets are consumed by re-work. That means work that needs to be done again because, for some reason, the results were not correct. Significantly, 70-85% of this rework is directly related to poor requirements. Of course, we all know that there are many reasons requirements fall short and that there are many things that can be done to remedy this. But if the wasted budget wasn’t enough to think about, there’s more!

After the average project spins its wheels burning through scarce resources and eventually reaches the ‘goal-line’ with a finished product, we run head-first into another sobering industry statistic: for every software product delivered, 45% of the features, on average, are never used! [1] That’s right. NEVER used.”

Follow this link to read the rest of the article:

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