Posted by tac_admin, July 28, 2012

Planning for Project Success

A blog post by Ben Sissons gave three questions to consider and a dependency map to help with project success.

These questions are:

  1. What does measurable success look like for the programme (i.e. what is it trying to achieve)?
  2. What activities will the programme conduct, what will those activities cost and how will they each contribute to success?
  3. How will the programme measure success through-life, spot problems and act to ensure success?

I really like the first question. I think we get so caught up in the tasks we have to do and the tight timeline we have to get them done, that we sometimes forget this important piece in the process. How can we know if a project is successful if we didn’t define what success means for the project?

Click here to read the article and view a larger pic of the dependency map.

2 responses to “Planning for Project Success”

  1. […] The Analyst Coach Team on November 28, 2012 Every project progresses through several phases of work. These phases can be thought of as the Project Life Cycle. […]

  2. !SumerTeam1 says:

    […] There’s no hard-and-fast rule. Tasks and documentation can vary greatly between companies and even between groups within those companies. What’s important is that you ensure the tasks you are responsible for are accounted for in the project plan. […]

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