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Business Analyst Interview Questions

Here’s an example of a couple of  interview questions you may be asked during a BA interview:

What do you know about our company?

This question will almost always be asked in some form or another as one of the business analyst interview questions. The reason for this question being asked is not to find out what you actually know about the company, it is being asked to judge if you have performed any prior research and prepared for the interview.

Demonstrate that you can logically research facts, and relate them in a coherent manner. Before the interview you should aim to discern key facts about the architecture of the business, its marketplace and trading history so that you are ready to answer this question and show off your research and communication skills.

What business analysis techniques or methodologies have you found most effective in the past, and why?

Here we are really getting to grips with the technical side of business analysis. If you are asked this business analyst interview question, then you will know you are sitting across from an interviewer who understands business analysis, probably is or was a business analyst himself, and you are now in the spotlight.

To answer this question, draw on past experience, and explain certain projects, which went well due to the correct application of the right methodology. Detail why this methodology worked so well, and in your opinion, how it can be utilized to solve future cases. Do not give a wide answer encompassing many methodologies, chose one or two you are the most familiar with and discuss those.

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