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BA Interview Tips: “Why Should I Hire You?”

<alt=two hands"/>Perhaps you’re fresh out of college and you’re looking for interview tips to get hired as business analyst. Or you might be looking to land new projects and find fresh opportunities in your existing BA career.

Either way, the BA interview is a make-or-break experience. Not only does it land you jobs and projects, but the interview process also sets the foundation for the future of your work. The key is to gain an edge in the interview—to establish your authority and expertise—so that no one questions or downplays your skills.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, companies will need to employ 876,000 business analysts by the year 2020. With nearly a million jobs on the horizon, you have the power to snag a lucrative position.

This is not to say that you should settle for any BA job that comes your way. Instead, seek and interview for a position that fits in with your skill sets—and let’s not forget that it’s paramount to earn a position that pays you what you’re worth.

This leads me to my first BA interview tip…

Before your interview, determine if the job is a good fit for you.

Are you a generalist BA? A specialist BA? A hybrid BA?

Each one of these niches is valuable for different institutions and projects. Read the company’s mission statement, and perform thorough research on each of your interview prospects. In this way, you don’t apply for the wrong job and waste your time.

Subsequently, take a look at the salary. Does the money reflect the amount you’re actually worth? If the paycheck isn’t good, look elsewhere. Remember that you’re valuable, and you don’t want to accept a job invitation that doesn’t reflect that. So what happens when you get the callback?

Brush up on your BA skills.

Prior to your interview—study, study, study. In fact, think of your upcoming interview as a test. It’s important to brush up on your foundational BA skills so you can more accurately and thoroughly express your value to stakeholders.

A few basic BA skills include:

  • Analytical thinking—express how you’re a problem-solver, and offer specific examples.
  • Leadership—show your interviewer how you’ve taken the reins in various and related capacities, and how your efforts provided a transformational solution.
  • Negotiation—as a BA, you will have to satisfy multiple parties, which will inevitably prove difficult from time-to-time. Exhibit your negotiation skills in the interview, and show how you provide results that satisfy multiple stakeholders.
  • Written and spoken communication—in most careers (especially in Business Analysis) clear communication’s importance is often overlooked. In fact, it’s a rare skill these days that’s hard to come by, and when you master it, you’ll become a standout star in the interview pool.

Don’t forget to leverage your expertise with real world examples.

As you discuss your various BA skills, use real world examples of the solutions you’ve provided. Do this using a three-pronged technique:

  • Explain the problem—tell the interviewer how an issue(s) impacted a company financially and emotionally.
  • Explain the solution—detail every comprehensive step you took to provide stakeholders with a lasting transformation.
  • Explain the results—show the interviewer what happened as a result of your work, and be as detailed as possible.

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