Posted by tac_admin, December 3, 2014

BA Career Seekers: Don’t Miss This During Job Shadowing

Picture with the word HIREObservation changes the behavior of who is observed, and during the job shadowing phase of your BA career, this fact of life can be a real pain.

After all, how do you learn all the skills you need to catapult your BA career when you’re not getting an accurate picture? 

Furthermore, how do you develop the critical thinking skills necessary to land the business analysis job you want?  According to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, critical thinking is the missing piece of the puzzle for most job seekers. 

The article dissects what job seekers—especially BA job seekers—are subjected to during interviews:

“In late-round interviews, candidates must show how they would tackle business problems, such as whether it makes more sense for a company to make or buy a product, and why.”

So when you have to tackle real-world scenarios in the BA arena without having experienced them, how do you deal?

Take job shadowing with a grain of salt.

This is not to say that job shadowing is not a valuable part of your BA career. In fact, it’s one of the few chances for BAs to receive valuable field training

According to an article from the IT BA, job shadowing does present a few real-world scenarios:

Job shadowing is one of the many requirement elicitation tools that a Business Analyst should be familiar with. It can often help identify requirements that might otherwise be missed. Find a starting point, trace through the workflow, find the handover points, and do the same with the next process / person. Repeat this process until you come to the end. Make sure you can document the entire flow (don’t be afraid to repeat a process). This will give you a map of the current process and give you a great foundation for your future state requirements.”

But I’ll add this caveat: you’ll receive part of the picture during job shadowing, not the whole shebang—including critical thinking skills!

My advice? Take the direct approach…

Call on an expert BA for advice!

When you’re looking for answers, sometimes you have to ask for them straight out. Ask a BA you trust how to show you the critical thinking (and other) skills necessary to thrive on the job.

My invitation to you: schedule a free consultation with me, and I’ll answer any questions you have. 

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