Posted by tac_admin, December 3, 2012

Are Your Parents Sabotaging Your Job Search?

This article on by says “almost 40% of college students claim that their father or mother is their professional mentor”. 

One issue I see right off the bat here is that your parents probably don’t know the ins and outs of the profession you’ve chosen so it’s hard for them to guide you. They also aren’t familiar with how to search for a job in 2012 and may have only worked at one place for their entire career. It’s very rare for that to happen now and I even advise against that. Following that path will stunt your growth and your earning potential.

While your parents mean well and want the best for you, you should not look to them for job search advice – and that goes the same for new grads and people that have been working for a while but are looking to make a change.

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To read the complete Forbes article, click here.

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