Posted by tac_admin, March 18, 2015

Poor Requirements Elicitation: Why 80% of Projects Fail

A cirlced F on a paperPoor requirements elicitation—and here we have the reason why 80% of projects go belly up. Without the proper requirements, a project equates to embarking on a long road trip without a destination or gasoline.

Long story short, it won’t end well without solid requirements, and you’ll struggle toward a “solution” that neither you nor your stakeholders want.

When it comes to eliciting requirements, so many talented and success-driven business analysts have no idea why they can’t get the vital information required to create a triumphantly successful BA project.

No worries—I’ve got your back. Take the following steps to ensure the requirements elicitation process pays off once the project is finished.

Ask the right questions. This is the predecessor to successful requirements elicitation. Before any stakeholder meeting, formulate the questions that will dive into the nitty-gritty of what needs to happen.

Straight out ask stakeholders for information. And explain why you need this data to move forward successfully.

Explain the solution you plan to produce. You want to make your stakeholders happy, and to make it happen, you need good requirements to formulate a more perfect plan of action. Explain your solution in a robust way, and in doing so, you’re more likely to receive pertinent requirements.

Take control. And stay in control during requirement sessions. This is your meeting to facilitate, and you should listen, but you also need to facilitate the discussion.

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