Posted by tac_admin, November 19, 2014

Make Business Analysis Simple with the MOST Method

sign saying keep it simpleSimple and business analysis are not an adjective/noun pairing you see very often.

Simple business analysis? Really?

Isn’t our chosen field robust and complicated by its nature?

While it’s true that we business analysts focus on comprehensive solutions, it’s possible to simplify the process, and get a clearer picture on the most lucrative steps to take. To do that, use the MOST method, which is short for mission, objectives, strategies, and tactics.

When you’re performing an environmental analysis, use the MOST method to determine how each of the four attributes are aligned with your business case proposal.

Take this four-pronged approach:

Mission—Where does the business intend to go?

The full-picture mission must be crystal clear. As a business analyst, it’s your job to build ladder rungs that lead to the ultimate goal. The mission needs to be your primary focus, always.

Especially if you’re working with the Agile methodology, it’s paramount that all team members share the same idea of what constitutes the stakeholders’ shared mission. 

Objects—What key goals or milestones complete the mission?

Objects translate to the primary goals and milestones for individual stakeholders. Different people and departments may have different goals—in fact, that’s most likely the case. When you focus on objects, you ensure that each step taken helps complete the overall mission.

If you find that an object slows a company down, then jettison it, but be sure to include your clear reasoning in documentation.

Strategies—What are the options for achieving solutions?

Milestones won’t add up to much without the strategies behind them. In this pillar of the MOST method, you’ll explore the inner-workings of each step that completes the mission.

As you examine the moving parts, look for ways to quicken the process of completing the mission.

Tactics—How are the strategies put into effect?

In this last step, you will examine implementation methods. Once you determine that the criteria for each milestone are lucrative, you’ll outline how to roll it all out. In this stage, communication is key

Explain the plan to stakeholders in a clear and authoritative way. In doing so, you’ll not only outline a solution, you’ll facilitate it.

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