Posted by tac_admin, April 1, 2015

Corporate Training—It’s Fundamental for Business Growth


Corporate training—you’ve undoubtedly heard the term thrown around. When it comes to business growth, corporate training enables all team members to become more valuable assets to the clients they serve.

As a business analyst, I can’t stress enough the importance of corporate training; however, I find that many programs are cookie-cutter. When it comes to a successful business analysis project, one-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t work.

And the same goes for corporate training.

So what sets apart umbrella training and a more customized approach?

There are many factors at play, but suffice it to say, a personally tailored training series includes the following elements:

Effective verbal and nonverbal communication with stakeholders

Communication is to corporate training and business analysis as gasoline is to a car. Without fluid and powerful communication, business analysis doesn’t work. But communication skills are the one technique that is most lacking in our corporate world, so customized training must include this element. 

Requirements questioning techniques

Eliciting requirements means that everyone agrees on project elements. If you miss one requirement, you don’t provide a robust solution that satisfies all stakeholders and sets the foundation for transformative success. If you don’t know how to elicit requirements, you find yourself in a world of frustration. 

Negotiating changing and conflicting requirements

This is the inevitable caveat. Not all stakeholders share the same obstacles. In fact, sometimes requirements cancel one another out. For a project to be successful, no one wins unless everyone wins. Good corporate training needs to reveal how to create that one-of-a-kind solution. 

Software development overview 

Yes, we live a world where technology drives us forward. Honestly, sometimes technology takes us 10 steps backward, and that’s because there is no software development overview in place. 

Report requirements and mock-ups

You don’t get training unless you get tactical training. A key area to understand as a BA is reporting requirements and mock-ups, it’s like learning how to mountain climb without ever putting on a harness. Your training shouldn’t just tell you how important it is to elicit reporting requirements and how key it is to create mock-ups of those reports for a visual representation of the requirements, it should show you how to do that. Hands on experience during training – based on your organization’s business is key to success.

The keyword there is experience.

Do you have the EXPERIENCE that should come with corporate training?

Take the customized approach.

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